5 Things I Never Realised Would Happen To Me on Linkedin

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Many of the new business networking & social media clients I consult with are online social media marketing averse sceptics. And I regularly listen to the same sceptical opening question from them, which is…

“Linkedin might work for you and some others but I’m convinced Linkedin won’t work for me because, my business is too small, too large, too niche, I sell professional services” and/or any one of hundreds of other sceptical reasons.

Typically in relation to the ‘Law of Diffusion of Innovation’ these business owners are in the technology ‘Late Majority’ or ‘Laggard’ categories. And that’s fine, because these two categories constitute approximately 50% of the full five categories.

LinkedIn ManThe other three categories are; Innovators, Early Adopters & the Early Majority.

The good news is that Linkedin’s recent December 2012 profile changes appear to be extremely beneficial for the Late Majority and the Laggards as well as the rest of us.

My Linkedin & social media business clients inform me that it’s only when I highlight the, 5 Things I Never Realised Would Happen To Me On Linkedin and could happen to them, does the business growth light bulb switch on in their heads.

The 5 things I never realised would happen to me on Linkedin are…

1. That 90% plus of all my new business referrals & opportunities would come from Linkedin.
2. I show up approximately 100 times in Linkedin members search results every DAY.
3. Up to 50 new business people view my Linkedin profile every DAY.
4. Approximately 350 new business people invite me to connect with them every WEEK.
5. Approximately 30,000 new business people join my extended Linkedin network every DAY.

Given that it’s estimated up to 57% of Linkedin’s 187 million plus global members are considered business decision makers, the 5 things I never realised would happen to me on linkedin are fantastic added value FREE marketing strategies which aids my business growth.

And they can help you achieve explosive business growth as well.

Okay it’s no secret that things started going crazy for me on Linkedin when I returned from providing a Linkedin consultancy business growth contract for a large corporation in Texas UK in June 2012.

The day I landed back in the UK was June29th 2012 and this was the day when I finally arrived at the magical maximum level of 30,000 first level connections…

But I had no idea just how crazy things were going to get.

It was like some mystical figure secretly turbo-charged my business growth and now everything is in overdrive.

In the last 6 months I have received on average over 800 emails every day of the week, 7 days per week.

Hell even my Linkedin In box is bursting at the seams with over 4,000 invitations from professional business contacts who want to 1st level connect with me, and that’s just the ones I’ve saved as potential future connections.

But the real ‘Tipping Point’ for me on Linkedin came when I discovered how to leverage Linkedin for long term profitable sustainable growth for my business clients.

Once I identified this formula for success I removed the voodoo and black magic terminology, which typically comes with any service offered by online business professionals, and I put it in plain English for my clients.

Guess what?

Now my clients don’t just like me, they recommend and endorse me.

I have to tell you, if you are ever sceptical about having lots of genuine recommendations and endorsements on your Linkedin profile then think again.


Because most of my clients tell me my profile, recommendations and endorsements inspired ‘Buyers Confidence’ in me. And if like me, you provide professional business services, then ‘Reputation & Word Of Mouth Marketing’ trumps every other form of marketing.

Like many people on Linkedin I was initially sceptical, ‘I just didn’t know – what I didn’t know.’ For the first 2 years on Linkedin I never did anything worthwhile, I just ticked along picking up the odd connection or two in a very reactive mode.

Does this sound familiar? Is this you as well?

I read just about everything every self proclaimed Linkedin guru wrote about the power of Linkedin.

99.9% of them were providing information about how to network more professionally, or how to grow your Linkedin connections, or how to write a decent profile.

Guess what?

Some of the reports and articles I read were very good, and were written by credible top Linkedin networkers who all hung out together in the Linkedin ‘Big Kids 30,000 Playground.’
However, I never once read about a Linkedin expert who had actually mastered Linkedin enough to help their business clients maximise new business growth opportunities from the huge Linkedin empire.

And I soon realised why. Very few people actually know how to make a significant return on their Investment, or their clients Linkedin business social media networking Investment.


Because Linkedin and most other online business social media platforms are organic beasts. As such by definition, they are forced into making constant changes to their service provision. This makes understanding Linkedin from the top down and from the bottom up very complex.

If it never dawned on you that researching, writing and producing a business social media profile, and then managing it was an investment, then heads up, it can be one of the most significant Investments you’ll ever make.


Two reasons. First it’s free, and second because if you get it right then you’ll receive a phenomenal return on your investment.

But slowly slowly, catchy monkey. Don’t make the greatest mistake most people make on Linkedin. They rush to cobble together a reasonable looking Resume or scaled down CV and post it on Linkedin.

And then after an incredible epiphany I discovered the power of being a proactive business networker and the secret to leveraging Linked for business growth.
“Slow is slick and slick is fast”…

Treat your Linkedin profile like you would any other financial investment. Research it, study it, improve it, nurture it and then cash in when the time is right.

The time to make your Linkedin investment is now, because Linkedin has also smashed its way through the Tipping Point and is on track for 200 million business owner members in the first quarter of 2013.

That’s an incredible 200 million potential business opportunities just waiting for proactive business growth hunters to grab their share from the world’s most fertile business hunting ground.

Conventional Resumes and CV’s rarely make anyone any money, and they hardly ever deliver a substantial return on Investment. So don’t follow the sheep and post a reactive basic Resume.

If you do, you will simply fade into the 200 million business contact abyss, where no new business decision making buyers will ever find you.

Take your time and produce a Killer Business Profile and embrace the business leveraging secret that less than one percent of Linkedin members seem to know.

i.e. There’s infinitely more value in people headhunting you to connect with you on Linkedin, than you chasing hundreds, or thousands of prospective new connections hoping you are business attractive enough to stand head and shoulders above your competitors.

One way to achieve this marketing edge is to be found easily and super quick on the Linkedin ‘Advanced Search’ facility.

If you don’t know how to achieve this, but still want a great return on your marketing investment then do what most novice Investors do; pay a expert to produce the pre-investment work for you, and then manage your investment for you and your business.

What’s that? You didn’t know Independent Linkedin Experts exist.

You have three options open to you…

1: Visit and join the Black Belt POWER Networkers group on Linkedin.
2: Type Linkedin Expert, Linkedin Consultant or Linkedin Mentor into the Linkedin Advanced Search bar and take your pick from the Top Specialists in the Linkedin Big Kids Playground.
3: Visit and bookmark www.elinked.eu if you really want to achieve long term business growth.

Remember take time to produce a business winning Linkedin profile and never lose sight of the fact that: “Slow is slick and slick is fast”.

Dr. Mark D. Yates

Dr. Mark D. Yates is a global #1 LinkedIn consultancy business growth specialist, LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn Sign & LinkedIn training instructor & CEO of Link Business Marketing Ltd. If you need to hire a LinkedIn expert to help you gain profitable business growth, contact him. Tel: UK 0203 390 2013 Email: drmarkdyates@aol.com, connect with him on LinkedIn & Twitter You can view & download his dynamic independent LinkedIn training program at: linkedinswat.co.uk.

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