5 Super Linkedin Tips To Turbo Charge Your Business Growth

January 1, 2015 |  by  |  Linkedin Blog


  1. Change your title

Other than your photograph, your Linkedin title is the first section of your profile that prospective clients, customers and connections see. Using key words/phrases in your title will make you stand out from the competition and enhance your Linkedin business growth plan.

Think of your Linkedin profile title as prime real estate. 120 characters is the maximum for your Linkedin title and every character should be successfully utilised.

  1. Re-write your summary

Anyone who fails to fully complete all of their Linkedin profile scripts are effectively marginalising a significant number of business connections who might otherwise buy your products and services. A fully completed Linkedin profile is identified on Linkedin by the inclusion of an ‘All-Star’ logo on your profile.

Break your text down in your Linkedin profile into short sentences and short paragraphs. Viewers of your profile are likely to speed read and scan business social media profiles. Large paragraphs and complex sentences are off-putting. Professionals who view your Linkedin profile are looking for fast business intelligence.

  1. Group reshuffle

The best way to support your Linkedin business growth is to be a proactive Linkedin member. One of the smartest ways to do this is to include joining up to 50 groups in your Linkedin business strategy.

Linkedin have several million industry specific and niche sector groups that can help to facilitate your business growth. Joining specific groups relevant to your sector and general business networking groups is a savvy business growth tactic. However, not all of these groups will be active all the time.

If you are a member of some underperforming groups you should leave them and join more proactive groups. The more proactive you are and the groups you have retained are, the stronger your Linkedin business growth will be.

  1. Presentations and videos

Add presentations and videos to your Linkedin profile for it to stand out against your business competitors. The use of multimedia will add an extra dimension to your social media profile that will attract new business professionals to your business.

They say a picture says a 1000 words, so why not utilise multimedia on your Linkedin profile. Most viewers speed read through social media profile. The creative use of multimedia on your Linkedin profile will break up the text and provide something interactive for professional viewers.

  1. Update your Linkedin profile for 2015

Updating your Linkedin profile can kick start your Linkedin business growth plan for 2015 in the perfect way, with new and fresh content. Professionals who use Linkedin for business networking sometimes forget that their profiles require regular updates in order to stay relevant. Frequently updated Linkedin profiles are key for a successful Linkedin business strategy.

Keeping your profile updated and relevant will support your Linkedin business growth strategies. It also provides positive reasons to ensure your connections and other potential business networking clients remain interested in you and your Linkedin business strategy.


Dr. Mark D. Yates the CEO of Link Business Marketing Ltd is considered a global business growth specialist & #1 Linkedin Expert from over 330+ million members’ world-wide. He helps business owners leverage Linkedin for profitable business growth & would like to help you grow your business. Contact him at: Tel: UK (0) 203 390 2013 or at: drmarkdyates@aol.com 
You can view his Linkedin profile at: uk.linkedin.com/in/drmarkdyates
Dr. Mark D. Yates

Dr. Mark D. Yates is a global #1 LinkedIn consultancy business growth specialist, LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn Sign & LinkedIn training instructor & CEO of Link Business Marketing Ltd. If you need to hire a LinkedIn expert to help you gain profitable business growth, contact him. Tel: UK 0203 390 2013 Email: drmarkdyates@aol.com, connect with him on LinkedIn & Twitter You can view & download his dynamic independent LinkedIn training program at: linkedinswat.co.uk.

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