5 Business Technology Secrets to Explode Your Corporate Network Connections

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If you are new to business networking and social media marketing and you have aspirations of leveraging a professional business network for profitable business growth, then you need to address some of the available business technology secrets.

Any business growth specialist will tell you to join one of the new technology driven large global or small national or regional business social networking groups.

If your business contacts fail to embrace contact networks, it’s probably because they consider themselves a technophobe. The 5 business technology secrets I’ve listed below will help you grow your network contact base in lightening fast time.

Secrets womanMany traditional business owners struggle with the concept of business social media groups like linkedin and they fail to grasp why they are relevant to achieving long term sustainable business growth in today’s contemporary business market place.

At www.elinked.eu every business growth consultant begins every consultation service with a new or prospective client by asking them the following opening question:

“What would it do for your business if you could quickly quadruple your business decision making connections, significantly increase your business leads & warm referrals and multiply the sales of your products and/or services?”

If the business owner responds positively to this question then the marketing battle is already half won because irrespective of your business industry or sector everything you need to achieve profitable long term sustainable business growth is contained within the Linkedin framework.

You just need to know how to leverage Linkedin or you need to know a Linkedin specialist who can help you leverage Linkedin for profitable fast business growth. Many of these Linkedin specialists can be found here.

Ten years after the market evaluated the internet’s potential in 1999-2000, it predicted vigorous technical earnings growth, but it was too premature and too zealous. After numerous adjustments, we are about to enter a new growth era in the small business networking technology industry. A number of key developments are converging to provide the potential for positive change.

One such area of growth which should pique the interest of every business contact, is the sector of online business social media networking. Speak to any business associate with a connection to a professional business ‘Power Networker’ and they will advise you to map out your new network contact strategy ASAP.

Every new business contact should take note that the technology sector will continue to evolve over the next couple of years, setting the standard for extended extraordinary growth in business profitability from a business owners contact network.

www.linkedin.com for example has emerged as the world’s largest and most powerful business networking organisation with close to 200 million business members world-wide. It continues to grow with wild-fire proportions.

In today’s world of short memories and short–term focus, it is easy to overlook the continued rapid fundamental changes that have taken place over the last decade in the business contact network technology sector. Online business social networking is booming.

Facebook has over 800,000,000 m users, LinkedIn the corporate network has over 187,000,000M business contacts, Xing the small business networking group in Germany has over 10,000,000M registered business contacts.

If we fast forward ten years, while there are a number of key areas where we have already seen growth, online contact networks will become even more widely adopted.

Given the fast rise of online business social networking web sites and the fact that every new business contact wants to increase their turnover and profit, then we are highly likely to see some brand new developments in the small business networking, corporate network and business social networking sectors, which are still yet to be widely adopted.

Elinked.eu advise you to maintain a careful watch for future contact network and new business contact investment opportunities, as we believe Linkedin will continue to evolve to service the huge global business demand.

If technology teaches us anything, it is that the Internet has the capability of producing seismic changes to the way we interact with our current and future business contacts. A future proof contact network like Linkedin will have to address sales and marketing opportunities, and the ability for a business contact to make money from their small business networking or corporate network group.

Every network contact, especially every new business contact should be considered a valuable business social networking commodity.

Future online contact networks will be technology driven and as every Elinked.eu business growth consultant will tell you technology is driven by trends.

The top five technological trends expected to play a key part in the business social networking growth over the next 10 years are…

Top Five Technology Trends For The Next Decade

5 Business Technology Secrets To Explode Your Corporate Network Connections

#1. Internet TV – Video – Media

The function of a conventional personal computer as we know it will transform into a must have consumption device for information and entertainment. Search engines are already evolving to capitalise on offering further media content via the internet and smart phones.

If you think about it, how can small business networking and business social networking not be affected by the current short memories and short–term focus of computer users. Many people never leave their homes to do their weekly food shopping any more. They simply go online and let someone else deliver it for them.

Why shouldn’t a business owner be able to go online and generate sales of their products and services from a new business contact they have met online in a small business networking or a business social networking group? In reality this is already happening in multiple business sectors.

Just about everyone of the business networking and social media business growth specialists at www.elinked.eu consider that business video will be one of the most dynamic driving factors in the business social media networking industry.

5 Business Technology Secrets To Explode Your Corporate Network Connections

#2. Cloud Computing

Every business growth consultant and IT specialist consultant will inform you that Cloud Computing is one of the most innovative trends. Although this trend has been around for a while, it appears to be an organic trend which enables business owners to move their businesses to a more efficient IT model.

All business contacts considering stepping into a more productive corporate network should be aware that their IT Cloud Computing model offers large cost savings and a great amount of scalability and flexibility. As a result, IT costs will substantially decrease.

Once again this technology will deliver added value benefits for every business contact and their respective contact networks.

5 Business Technology Secrets To Explode Your Corporate Network Connections

#3. A Different Way To Access Computers To Establish New Business Contacts

Forget the idea of conventional access to computers we have all come to understand like the desktop computer, laptop, notebooks and a computer mouse. These will soon be relegated to the history channel.

A futuristic contact network will enable every new business contact to join a corporate network, meet new business contacts and attend small business networking and business social networking groups from their smart phones, tablets, TVs and navigational devices.

Many smart phone Apps’ including some for Linkedin have already been developed to facilitate this type of interaction. The smart marketing people at Elinked.eu believe many more user friendly Apps’ will be developed specifically to help you increase your business connections and sales of your products and services.

A business contact looking to join contemporary contact networks should understand that Interaction is moving away from keyboards to a variety of touch, voice and gesture aided access.

5 Business Technology Secrets To Explode Your Corporate Network Connections

#4. Evolution Of The User Interface And Gesture Recognition

In relation to establishing a new business network contact, if you seek the counsel of any professional business growth consultant, he or she will likely advise you that although the Windows icon mouse pointer based user interface has been around for close to 40 years, it doesn’t mean it will remain.

In the same way that motion-based technologies from game consoles and the evolution of user-device interaction like gesture recognition, eye tracking, speech-to-speech translation has revolutionised the security industry, expect changes to hardware, software and peripherals.

The iPad and subsequent clones are just the first step in the next evolution.

5 Business Technology Secrets To Explode Your Corporate Network Connections

#5. Global Connectivity

Recently a corporate network business advisor reported that there will be approximately 50 billion connected devices in 10 years’ time. This will fuel the ever increasing growth of small business networking and business social networking for every new business contact. It will also help every business contact to increase their business contacts and boost sales from their contact networks.

When a business owner contemplates this trend and how it can improve their contact network, it is worth considering Ericsson the global telecommunications and their vision for their future cell phones. Ericsson believes a tenfold increase in wirelessly connected devices over the next ten years is a realistic projection.

Smart money is on the next billion first-time users entering the market via smart phones and not via personal computers.

One thing is certain Linkedin remains the market leader in business networking and social media. So it makes sense to re-work your Linkedin profile so it exudes credibility and oozes professionalism, because these are two of the main key factors which inspire buyer confidence in Linkedin’s 187 million business members.

Dr. Mark D. Yates

Dr. Mark D. Yates is a global #1 LinkedIn consultancy business growth specialist, LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn Sign & LinkedIn training instructor & CEO of Link Business Marketing Ltd. If you need to hire a LinkedIn expert to help you gain profitable business growth, contact him. Tel: UK 0203 390 2013 Email: drmarkdyates@aol.com, connect with him on LinkedIn & Twitter You can view & download his dynamic independent LinkedIn training program at: linkedinswat.co.uk.

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