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The Zen of Popeye …..

11/28/2016  |  No Comments

As a kid I used to enjoy watching Popeye cartoons. His catchphrase was "I am what I am and that's all... more

The musical Christ …..

11/21/2016  |  No Comments

Having composed his first symphony aged eight and been described by Tchaikovsky as "the musical Christ", Mozart it transpires, was... more

How Generating LinkedIn Business Leads Can Grow Your Business

11/14/2016  |  No Comments

Every business has target audiences which they aim to attract to sell their products and/or services to. This can be achieved... more

Because you said …..

11/14/2016  |  No Comments

If you've watched Netflix, you'll have seen the "Because you watched" section. Life has a habit of working in the same... more

Egosystem vs. Ecosystem

11/08/2016  |  No Comments

Whatever the pros and cons of each candidate in the US election, I can't help think that both of them... more

Forrest Jump …..

11/01/2016  |  No Comments

When Steve Jobs gave his famous 2005 Stanford Commencement Speech, nearly 23,000 people were packed into Stanford Stadium. One of the... more

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