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10/25/2016  |  No Comments

One day, a school teacher wrote the following on a whiteboard, 9x1=9 9x2=19 9x3=27 9x4=36 9x5=45 9x6=54 When the teacher was finished he looked to his students... more

7 things to learn from a child …..

10/17/2016  |  No Comments

7 things to learn from a child: 1. Be happy for no reason 2. Be totally immersed in whatever you're doing 3.... more

Mission Impeccable …..

10/11/2016  |  No Comments

Before she became famous, Marilyn Monroe used to cover the mole on her face with make-up. When fame came, it... more

Stuffocating …..

10/04/2016  |  No Comments

Given that shops are full of Xmas gifts and decorations, one could be forgiven for thinking that the season for... more

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