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Your funeral and Friar Tuck …..

02/29/2016  |  No Comments

How many people do you think will cry at your funeral? 10, 20, ..... 30 maybe? It's been estimated that around 12-15... more

How to become a great heartist …..

02/15/2016  |  No Comments

An educational psychologist recently told me that many schools leavers have difficulty figuring out who they are, because they've spent... more

Wet Wisdom

02/08/2016  |  No Comments

Over 70% of our body is made of it, we can't survive a week without it, and we can also... more

LinkedIn Training Course for Employers

02/04/2016  |  No Comments

LinkedIn is an extremely useful tool for employers who want to advertise their vacancies and search for potential employees. The... more

Splinters in the backside …..

02/01/2016  |  No Comments

Eons ago I used to have a very attractive girlfriend who, due to an overbearing father, was like a rabbit... more

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