10 Things You Should To Do Enhance Your Linkedin Profile For 2015

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  1. Update Your Linkedin Profilegrowth plant

Do you remember 12 months ago and the New Year business growth resolutions you made?

Did you keep them?

Or did they end up in the usual ‘forgotten folder’?

Don’t let 2015 be a repeat of last year. It is a new year and it should be a new you, especially if you are looking for long term profitable business growth.

So why not start your Linkedin business growth plan for 2015 in the perfect way by updating your Linkedin profile with new and fresh content.

Most people using Linkedin for business networking forget that their profiles require regular content updates. Frequently updated Linkedin profiles are key for a successful Linkedin business strategy.

At Link Business Marketing all of our staff Linkedin profiles are constantly updated with new and fresh content which is specifically written to attract new business decision makers to connect with our staff.

Keeping your profile updated and relevant will support your Linkedin business growth strategies. It also provides positive reasons to ensure your connections and other potential business networking clients remain interested in you and your Linkedin business strategy.

It is no good updating anything if you don’t make people aware of your profile updates. This has a secondary value of attracting old business connections as well as enticing new lucrative business connections.


  1. Increase Endorsements

Linkedin allow their users to endorse their connections’ Skills and Endorsements in order to increase their Linkedin business growth. Increasing your endorsements is a fundamental part of any successful Linkedin business strategy. It provides evidence and confidence to your new prospective business connections. It also establishes credibility for the business people you are currently networking with. This is especially beneficial if you have the perfect skill set/s and experience that that a particular business connection is looking for.

Link Business Marketing have identified that the more positive endorsements a Linkedin profile has, the more successful your overall your Linkedin business growth strategy is likely to be. One of the easiest, fastest and most professional way to increase your endorsements is by using a reciprocal approach. Search through your business connections and endorse anyone you know personally for their skills and endorsements. If you adopt a genuine and professional approach then your business associates are more likely to reciprocate by endorsing your skill sets.

A strong Linkedin business strategy benefits from the connections gained through networking by collectively strengthening the overall Linkedin Business growth plan.

For a visual representation how to leverage your Linkedin endorsements view my Linkedin profile: http://goo.gl/juFTBe


  1. Achieve ‘All-Star’ Status

Anyone who fails to fully complete all of their Linkedin profile scripts are effectively marginalising a significant number of business connections who might otherwise buy your products and services. A fully completed Linkedin profile is identified by Linkedin by the inclusion of an ‘All-Star’ logo on your profile.

Only when your Linkedin profile reaches ‘all-star’ status will your Linkedin business strategy be able to fully leverage the entire Linkedin business platform.

Networking with other business professionals is less likely to happen when you do not have a complete Linkedin profile. Having the ‘all-star’ status means that every aspect of your profile scripts have been fully completed and this will lead to profitable Linkedin business growth.

Even parts of your Linkedin profile that you do not believe would support your networking can in fact impact and enhance your overall Linkedin business growth plan.


  1. Increase Recommendations

If you self-promote it is never as powerful as someone else promoting you or your business. Word of mouth recommendations have always been and probably will always remain the most powerful referral for any business owner.

Therefore it makes good business sense to support your Linkedin business strategy and ultimately your Linkedin business growth by increasing your business, client, customer and associate recommendations on Linkedin.

Link Business Marketing recommend a minimum of three recommendations that should be listed on your Linkedin profile. However, the more recommendations you have the better, for example my profile on Linkedin http://goo.gl/juFTBe has about 230 different business, client, customer and associate written recommendations. New clients and customers tell me that this is a very powerful incentive which helped them make a decision to retain me and my company.

I made a conscious decision to include these recommendations in my Linkedin business growth strategy.

Just like increasing your endorsements (listed above) a reciprocal approach is another good method for increasing your recommendations. Reciprocating your clients, customers and associate recommendations is a useful two way Linkedin strategy.

Having many positive recommendations will enhance your networking and turbo charge your Linkedin business strategy.


  1. Join Some New Linkedin Groups

The best way to support your Linkedin business growth is to be a proactive Linkedin. One of the smartest ways to do this is to include joining up to 50 groups in your Linkedin business strategy.

Linkedin have several million industry specific and niche sector groups that can help to facilitate your business growth. Joining specific groups relevant to your sector and general business networking groups is a savvy business growth tactic. However, just simply joining Linkedin’s many networking groups is not enough, you need to be an active member in order for the group to support your Linkedin business growth.

Posting relevant discussions and replying to established threads will improve your business and enhance your business networking. One group on Linkedin that should be included in your Linkedin business strategy is the proactive Black Belt POWER networkers (http://goo.gl/MJpllg)


  1. Follow Business Pages

Business pages are another essential sector of Linkedin that has be fully utilised in order to mount a successful Linkedin business strategy. By following successful Linkedin business pages it allows you to gain valuable business intelligence which can obviously be beneficial for you and your business.

The Linkedin business pages offer a great opportunity for identifying competitor within your business sector/s. They are loaded with valuable business intelligence which can be exploited to support your Linkedin business growth plan and your networking goals.

To gain a visual understanding of this concept have a look at  Link Business Marketing’s business page (http://goo.gl/o0PaZE) you will notice the content is rich with useful Linkedin business growth and consultancy information.


  1. Write Notifications And Updates

In order to remain a proactive business member of Linkedin it is advisable to set aside some time to write a few brief notifications and updates about you and your business. By providing these updates you are grabbing the attention of business connections and prospective clients on Linkedin.

Your Linkedin business strategy must support regular updates about your business in order to further your Linkedin business growth plan. When networking with potential business partners and clients it is essential for these networkers to see that you are a proactive member of Linkedin and not a time waster.

Allocating time to complete these updates on Linkedin will strengthen your Linkedin business growth plan by increasing the number of times people view your profile.


  1. New Linkedin Title

Other than your photograph your Linkedin title is the first section of your profile that prospective clients, customers and connections see. Using key words/phrases in your title will make you stand out from the competition and enhance your Linkedin business growth plan.

Think of your Linkedin profile title as prime real estate. 120 characters is the maximum for your Linkedin title and every character should be successfully utilised.

Implementing such simple and relevant change can seriously enhance your Linkedin business growth plan. An updated change in your Linkedin profile title can make all the difference towards facilitating profitable business growth. This is one Linkedin business strategy that I strongly recommend you adopt for 2015.

A simple title change can breathe new life into your business social media presence on Linkedin and can reconnect you to current and former business associates.

To understand how to leverage this concept you can view my Linkedin title here: http://goo.gl/juFTBe


  1. Use Linkedin Advance Search

The advanced search facility on Linkedin is one of Linkedin’s most powerful assets if you are looking to achieve profitable business growth. It allows you to search and research vast amounts of business related intelligence.

Through using Linkedin’s advanced search, procuring niche business sector information is easier and more efficient than before. Using this facility as part of your Linkedin business strategy will provide your business with a competitive edge.

Understanding the added value benefits of the Linkedin advanced search facility allows you to boost your Linkedin business growth plan and improve your networking skills.


  1.   Create A Linkedin Company Page

Do you need your own online business promotional space?

Need clients and connections to know all about your business?

Adding a Linkedin company page to your Linkedin business strategy can do that for you. The company page is like having your own business social media website. With the ability to post updates and create discussions.

Networking becomes much easier as professionals know where to find all your business information in one convenient place.

Always stay proactive on your Linkedin company page in order to further your Linkedin business growth strategies.

Implement these 10 points and you will be better placed to succeed in your Linkedin business strategy.


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