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A business is only as strong as its networks and connections and it is a vital part of business to propel a low cost sales and marketing plan to ultimately achieve an exponential long term sustainable business growth. Therefore it is quiet incredible that many business owners fail to understand and recognise the benefits of using social media networking platforms such as LinkedIn to gather business contacts throughout the world.

You may be familiar with the phrase “It’s best to take two paces back in order to take one forward in business” I have conducted extensive business social media networking research for a business client which including identifying why people do not join and utilise business networking platforms like LinkedIn.

There are ten main reasons why businesses don’t seem to join social media networks:

1. Most business owners are too lazy to contact the network

Essentially all business owners know that effective business growth is achieved through business social media networking and that it is a very cost effective way of generating new lucrative business opportunities. However, many business owners believe that the amount of time it takes to register their company or attend corporate networking events will take time away from their primary work and ultimately will affect their business in a negative way.

However, this is not the issues that surround www.linkedin.com they have made the process of business networking simple and easy to use. From the easy online registration where most members can have a basic information profile in under 60 minutes. There is no waiting around for a business contact manager, simply sign up and each business member gains an immediate presence.

Linkedin business networking is easy and simple, taking away the ‘laziness’ that currently exists. It couldn’t be simpler.

2. No perceived need for business social networking

All business contacts can only benefit from networking if they can recognise a benefit in doing so. Many businesses may have tried varying levels of contact networks but most feel that the need to attend does not outweigh the benefits. However this is not the case.

Business Networking provides impressive returns on investment, with one in five SMEs (20%) stating they made more than £10,000 from networking in the past year. Almost half (44%) made more than £1,000. A recent survey revealed that business networking accounted for 79% of all new business sales.

Linkedin have designed their services to ensure that every individual business owner can benefit from the ability to network through the online platform. With over 300 million business members within the Linkedin structure all businesses can benefit from the networking connections.

3. No desire to join small business networking

Currently the perceived contact network environment created by ‘contact networks, networking clubs and corporate network organisations’ has alienated a number of business contacts who have no desire to join, as they feel that the formats and operational content create an arena that is unfamiliar and unfriendly.

www.linkedin.com have structured their business in a way that creates a friendly, open and honest environment whether it is online or at regional meetings.

4. Many consider the costs of joining a cooperate network as too restrictive

For small businesses the cost of joining an online or regional business social networking community can be deemed as excessive compared to what the business perceives as the benefits charmed from the networking. For a new business trying to find out how much it costs to join a business networking community can be difficult. Sometimes further access to information is restricted, business having to actually attend initial meetings where sales tactics are used.

Linkedin provide a free service which can be upgraded at any time to suit the business’s needs and wants for their company.

5. The inconvenience of travelling to a network contact venue

Every business manager I know, advises that most regional network meetings are to be held in central points close to the particular region. However, for some small businesses networking with members isn’t a problem but for a number of those business contacts it can take valuable time travelling to and from business networking meetings. Linkedin allows network connections to meet with people all around the world, every day and produce flourishing connections that the business had never dreamed about before.

6. Fear of pitching their services or products to other business contacts

To pitch and promote your business is an acceptable part of your involvement with most social networking groups. They need to understand you and your business in order to fully connect and network with you. For some this is an easy exercise and with a confident contact ‘pitch’ it can be a great way of enhancing your cooperate network and opening up many new business opportunities.

However, many of business contacts experience fear when networking, having to present to a room full of strangers can seem daunting. This fear of networking can only inhibit their ability to endorse their business.

7. Feeling of being limited in number of contacts

The worry with business contact networks is that the established connected networks will all ‘stick together’ and be very hard to interact with in order to gain new connections. A new business tend only to communicate with new members or those members that are seated close. This method is very restrictive and not completely beneficial to the business.

8. Exhausting contacts and opportunities before becoming bored

If businesses attend the same groups time and time again with no new businesses there to network with it is clear that they will exhaust those connections. Even though they have made initial contact with all network members, the benefit of attending every corporate network meeting becomes less appealing.

9. Many are IT technophobe and stressed about establishing new business contacts

With business social media growing at an alarming rate, the need for a business owner to have a business presence in both sectors is paramount. Many new businesses have a website presence that provides an informative brochure to potential customers. However there is the ever growing need to network your business online via many different networking platforms but this need still seems to be causing some problems for business owners.

10. Most perceive contact networks to be an all time consuming endeavour

Many a business networking manager will inform you that the combination of an online contact network and a business social networking ‘hard group’ meeting must be a very time consuming activity for every new business contact.

In reality any business contact joining an online corporate network, and also attending a small business networking ‘hard group’ uses up very little time each month. If you adopt a very proactive mind-set with your business contacts then your business can be poised for exponential growth.

Dr. Mark D. Yates

Dr. Mark D. Yates is a global #1 LinkedIn consultancy business growth specialist, LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn Sign & LinkedIn training instructor & CEO of Link Business Marketing Ltd. If you need to hire a LinkedIn expert to help you gain profitable business growth, contact him. Tel: UK 0203 390 2013 Email: drmarkdyates@aol.com, connect with him on LinkedIn & Twitter You can view & download his dynamic independent LinkedIn training program at: linkedinswat.co.uk.

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